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Volcano Bike FAQ

Bike rental info

How do I rent a Volcano bike?

You find our bikes in the rental company in the overview. Select a bike, the Booking form is on every bike side. Give the necessary data and send off the form - then we get in contact shortly with you.

How do I lend a bike on site?

One is able to do our bikes also directly in the bike stations Costa Calma or Jandia. Please, brings a valid identity card, enough cash or a credit card.

How must I pay before the lending beginning and which securities there are?

When concluding the contract, the tenant must present a valid identification document with their official, current place of residence. The rental price is to be paid in advance. If the rental period is canceled prematurely due to proven illness or bad weather, we will be accommodating with a refund. We are very fair, but we also expect fairness from our tenants.

How do I get the bike?

Rent bikes must be fetched in the bike stations in Costa Calma and Jandia. Please, follows the opening times.

Is a delivery possible?

Delivery is possible for 4 bikes or more with a rental period of at least 4 days.
The cost of delivery depends on the distance from the accommodation.

Are the bikes and the accessories insured? 

No. The tenant is responsible for the protection of the bicycle, a castle adds it to the bike. With theft of the bike the tenant sticks. With loss of the bike or the accessories we calculate the purchase price, or current value of the bicycle or the accessories.

Can I grow own components?

Yes and no, it depends on it. 

Pedals systems & saddles: Volcano bike disposes of all current pedal systems, however, we recommend to bring always own pedals. We cannot guarantee always all suitable systems are in stock. Pedals are mounted by the renter. We mount own saddle to you of course also with pleasure. 

other rebuildings: The rent wheels are mounted fixed. A rebuilding like driver, porch, translations cannot be carried out etc. and is prohibited the tenant. Brought own speedometers or GPS devices may be mounted by the tenant. Damages by the own assembly are loaded to the tenant. Saddles and pedals are mounted by the renting. 

What should I follow in the use?

Long time tenant: Who rents longer a bike should go past all 3 days to the service in one of our stations, this servicing service is free. 

Bicycle cleaning: With totally muddy bikes we will withhold a part of the security, normal soiling is no problem for us. On the beach in the water go is basically prohibited, sea water and sand leads to strong wear.


Bike tour info

How I book a Volcano bike tour

You find our bike tours overview here. Select a tour, the Booking form is on every tour side. Give the necessary data and send off the form - then we get in contact shortly with you.

Where do I find the tour days? 

Pay attention with the reservation to the given tour days. Not all tours take place every day. The tour of days details are given in the tours. 

What is of the fitness and tour level?

Please, your fitness estimates realistically, by the strong wind a "short" bike tour can already become very sporty. We leave behind of course nobody, nevertheless, there should be the same level in the group. 

Where the tour begins and how I use the transfer?

We meet at a Volcano Bike station, hotel transfer by arrangement, possibly for a fee. There is no transfer for guests staying in the north of Fuerteventura.

How long a tour lasts and which divergences are possible?

The approximate duration is given in the tours details. The duration of a tour Being, nevertheless, always depending on the group and the weather. Can travel, hence, also weather-partly at short notice are called off, are changed or are shortened. However, as a rule the tours take place as given in full length. 

What do I need for clothes on the bike tour? 

Firm footwear, solar cream, suitable clothes according to weather. Do not count on the weather Apps, the weather on Fuerteventura is mild the whole year and windy. Clothing rental company: For hygienic reasons we do not offer this service! Nevertheless, there are also great shirts of Volcano bike to shop. 

Does helmet duty exist?

There is helmet duty! On our tours helmet duty exists, there are no exceptions. In Spain helmet duty exists. Rental company and bike tours are always including helmet, you can bring of course also your own helmet. 

How do I pay a tour?

The payment occurs in cash or by credit card. With reservations about the travel agencies the ticket brings please.

Do I need cash on the tours?

Basically one needs no cash on the tours, however, we recommend to take always some money. Café breaks are not excluded, it always depends on the group.

Can I use my own bike?

You have brought own bicycle and want to go to our tours? No problem. Then the price of the tour amounts to the tour price less 10€ for the bike tour.

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