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General Terms & Conditions

Conditions of participation in ours controlled MTB-and racing wheel tours 

1. Can take part everybody which is healthy, disposes of a sporty fitness and mountain bike experience, max. 105 kg ready with bike incl. equipment weighs in the tour description to called conditions (driving-technically and konditionell) has grown and brings the suitable equipment (bike, suitable bicycle clothing, closed shoes, helmet), or this in 

Approach with us books and lends. The leader of the group (guide) is entitled to exclude at the beginning or still during the tour a participant who does not fulfil of his opinion after these conditions, all or part from the tour programme. In this case no claim to a tour price allowance exists. In driving technology trainings the trainer decides whether and to what extent aim exercises and desirable exercises are reached and are carried out. The security of the participants and group is in the foreground. 

2. With all tours helmet duty exists during the whole tour. Basically every participant on own danger goes and is aware to the dangers which originate in the area and by the use of a bicycle / mountain bike. 

3. Every participant exercises the bike sport on Fuerteventura on his own risk. For accidents and physical damages which are due from the exercise of the sport on Fuerteventura Volcano bike assumes no liability. 

4. The tour participants are responsible themselves for the observance of the road traffic regulations on Fuerteventura.

5. beneficiary is necessary here absolutely for the whole participation. All participants must have reached with tour beginning already the age from 16 years. 

6. The participants hear no music (about earphone, etc. ) during the tour. 

7. The freehand driving during the tour is prohibited. 

8. The participants must keep enough distance to other participants and the guide. 

9. With the registration for our tours the participant agrees that the guides take photos during the tour and publish this afterwards, perhaps (flyer, web page, posters, Busbeklebung etc. ). 

10. Strict ban on alcohol rules during the tours. 

11. The guide always drives up, except he / she gives unequivocal instructions where should be waited.

12. The tour participants agree not to go about her relations and responsibly. 

13. The participant does not take over costs for resulted damages to the rent bike, e. g. , however, exclusively by fall, inattentiveness, wrong leaning, Umfaller etc. , - the bikes are not insured. The maximum sum of these costs is the original price of the leasehold wheel. For accidentally resulted damages an enlargement of the personal liability insurance which must be concluded by the participant before holiday beginning can be concluded. With pleasure you can ask us in addition for infos. 

14. There is no claim at compensation demands against Volcano bike. Should the booked tour fall out, claim to the substitute of the performed tour price exists at most. 

15. While filling the disclaimer of liability before the tour beginning the participant informs the guide whether he needs drugs or has relevant illnesses or injuries. 

16. Taping of GPS data of the tour is prohibited and transmitting into three parts, also the publication on the Internet (Strava, Runtastic, etc. ) are pursued criminal. 

Rent terms 


By completion of the contract a valid identity card document (with topical place of residence) is to be presented by the tenant (no credit cards, driving licences, etc. !) and a security of 50€ per Hardtail, 100€ per Fully, Fat-or coach voucher bike. 

The rent price and the security are to be paid in advance. By untimely demolition of the rent duration because of illness, weather, listlessness etc. the price is not refunded. 

The bike must be protected with the shutoff by the tenant always certainly with at least one castle and be kept overnight in a close space and be protected still with a castle. 

With theft or loss of the bike the tenant sticks!

With loss or damage of the free of charge provided accessories the tenant sticks at the rate of: Saddlebag 10€, tube 5€, castle / key 15€, tyre siphon 3€, pump 18€, helmet 40€, sewing kit 3€, speedometer according to model 20 - 49€ of The tenants sticks for any damages which originate through this. For damages accidentally caused by the tenants an enlargement of the personal liability insurance which must be concluded by the tenant before holiday beginning can be concluded. With pleasure you can ask us moreover for infos. 

The day rent gets on from morning at the earliest 9 o'clock till max. 19 o'clock in the evening. (according to seasonal opening times). We grant no progressive rates or half current prices (except with Fatbikes). Should the tenant fetch the wheel beyond the seasonal opening times or want to deliver, a service fee of 10€ per appointment results. 

The bike is made available by us in flawless state and is also to be delivered in the same state. The tenant undertakes to treat devotedly the wheel, to load with max. 105 kg, and to keep away especially from sea water and sand. Merely the Fatbikes may be driven in the sand, however, are not brought also with sea water in contact. The tenant undertakes to follow the maximum extract length of the saddle prop and not to cross this limit: for the frame breaks which originate through this sticks the tenant. The tenant sticks for any damages resulted during the rent period to the wheel. The height of the damage is fixed by Volcano bike: he corresponds to the new procurement price of the damaged parts / of The frame / of The bike.


Should the wheel not be driving-competent during the rent duration, no claim to immediate substitute or repair exists. For repair in foreign workshops we arise ONLY after prearrangement (Of course we give our best to get the rent bike immediately again driving-competent. ) the leasehold wheel should not be driving-competent before signing the hire contract, so that the tenancy does not come about, Volcano bike refunds the complete, beforehand performed rent price for the tenant / Bucher. Other claims of the tenant (in particular claim to substitute, escaped holiday joy, etc. ) do not exist. 

If the wheel is not brought back in the evening of the hire contract end before the end of the opening times or at the agreed time, another complete day rent price becomes due. Our diminished long time rent prices are granted only with universal rent period. 

Travel terms and conditions of the contract, gen. terms of business for tour reservations and bicycle reservations (Terms and Conditions)


1. With your personal, telephone, written or electronic registration (e. g. , email / Buchungsformular) to one or several tours or with your reservation / reservation of one or several rent bikes you offer Volcano to bike the completion of the contract obligingly. The contract comes about with the access of the confirmation (notice of acceptance) by Volcano bike. She needs no certain form. From this time the rights and duties (in particular the payment of the travel price) from the contract are binding for you and all other participants announced by you. We point to the validity of our Terms and Conditions as well as the tour terms and travel terms expressly. They are valid for all travel participants called in the registration. 

2. With entrance of our confirmation with you a deposit of at least 50% of the amount called on the confirmation becomes due with all rices and tours/Mietbuchungen within approx. 14 days. You take the exact height of the deposit to you by email sent confirmation. 

3. You take the exact payments to you by email sent confirmation. On payment received not in time Volcano bike reserves itself SL the right to cancel the reservation, the places on the tours and/or the booked bike reservations, the places on the driving technology training or the booked private guide.

4. Least number of participants: 
The trip / The camp / The tours / The driving technology training is able / can be carried out basically only if the least number of participants is reached from 3 people. If this least number of participants is not reached, Volcano bike is entitled to withdraw up to the day of the tour from the contract or to suggest a spare programme. They get back in the case already made payments immediately, other claims (in particular compensation claims, claims to escaped holiday joy, etc. ) against Volcano bike do not exist. 

5. Cancellation terms 
You can carry out a change, transfer posting, a resignation or untimely demolition of theirs with Volcano bike booked trip or a booked single achievement (Tour/Radmiete/Training/Camp) any time. There originate for you the following pauschalierte cancellation costs: Costs per person in percent of the whole reservation price: from reservation date 

up to the 30th day before beginning 20%
from 29. up to the 22nd day before beginning 25% 
from 21. up to the 15th day before beginning 35% 
from 14. up to the 08th day before beginning 50% 
from 07. up to the 02nd day before beginning 80% 

With later resignation, with non-beginning or untimely demolition of your trip the whole reservation costs, i. e. 100% of the tour price and/or rent price are calculated. To you as travellers there remains undazed to prove to us that to us nobody or a substantially lower damage has originated, than the all-inclusive demanded by us. 

6. Legal venue is Fuerteventura, Spain

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